A scene from the Lincoln/Hanks wedding re-enactment of 2008.
A pioneer wedding was a festive occasion. In fact, many
Washington County residents were present at the wedding.

of the best and most
beloved presidents,
Abraham Lincoln left a
deep impression on his
country. It is an impression
and a legacy, which can
be traced back to his own
humble beginnings here
in Washington County and
Springfield, Kentucky.


Lincoln Legacy Museum

The “Lincoln Legacy Museum” is about making connections. One is to bring to our citizens the connection of this locality to historic America events. The other connection is of one of the most beloved and well known presidents of the United States to Washington County. The Lincoln family and their relatives were a pioneer family in the truest sense. They came here looking for improvement of that dream of self and place, and in that same spirit moved on west. But from here, that dream, and a spark of genius, began with the marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, which lead their son to rise to greatness and lead our country through one of it’s most monumental periods. The connection of Washington County and it’s people to President Abraham Lincoln is firmly acknowledged and celebrated here. – John Downs, Museum Designer

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In Sacred Union

A 10-foot sculpture of the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was dedicated here in April 2009. The bronze sculpture is one of three created in Kentucky to honor Lincoln as part of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration. In Sacred Union, commemorates Lincoln’s search for evidence of his parents’ marriage and the discovery of their marriage records in Washington County thirteen years after his death. (Click the read more button to see the dedication video from 2009).

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Moreland Lincoln Image

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Images from the Lincoln/Hanks wedding re-enactment video presentation in 2008 represented here in computer rendered impressionist-style paintings pulled from video clips by Sid Webb. Visit America’s newest Lincoln museum and discover “Where It All Began”.



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